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GROHE Blue Refill 2 kg CO2 bottle

40424000 - GROHE Blue Refill 2 kg CO2 bottle
40424000 - GROHE Blue Refill 2 kg CO2 bottle
Product Number 40424000
EAN 4005176890260

Product Description

carbondioxid from natural sources for food and beverage (E290)
purity: CO2 99.9 % v/v min.
volume 1 bottle: 2 kg, up to 350 l sparkling water
integrated shut-off valve and safety carrier handle
not suitable for the GROHE Blue Home cooler

Product Highlights

Carbonation with a clean and natural taste

Drawn from natural and pure underground sources, the CO2 in our bottles and refills is proven to taste better than ‘artificial’ CO2. The water has a clean and natural taste as well as delivering the health benefits of helping the acid/base balance in the body.

Safe to use, easy to transport

Our CO2 bottles have an integrated shut-off valve for increased safety and complete peace of mind. The small cone cylinder valve leaves residual pressure in the bottle to prevent back-flow of CO2 and the safety carrier handle makes it convenient and risk-free to move your bottles around.

Technical Data & Care Instructions

Technical Information

Dimensional Drawing



Filter S-Size
Filter L-Size
Filter M-Size
Activated carbon filter
Magnesium+ filter

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